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January 2, 2024
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March 18, 2024
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AIA Member in Practice wins Entrepreneur of the Year 2023

AIA Member in Practice Shabir Djakiodine, Founder of Euro Accounting, achieved notable success by winning Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 and becoming a finalist for Businessman of the Year 2023 at the 8th Annual Birmingham Awards. The event celebrated excellence across business sectors and highlighted Euro Accounting’s contributions to Birmingham’s business community.

This triumph was swiftly followed by the firm’s advancement to the finals of the London Chamber of Commerce SME London Business Awards 2024, showcasing Euro Accounting’s excellence within the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector and commitment to innovation and growth, within the London business community.

Euro accounting offers business incorporation, domiciliation, accounting, tax, HR and payroll services in Ireland, France, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. They are expanding and have now set up an office in Dubai, the land of opportunities in a multicultural location. This development is a significant step forward for Shabir Djakiodine and his company, Euro Accounting Ltd since it opens up new opportunities to provide professional services to clients all around the world.

Euro Accounting also provides services in most European countries and beyond through a network of International Accountants, Lawyers and Consultants called Gentia Alliance CIC, set up by Shabir.

The AIA practising certificate opens doors for members to operate in public practice, providing a host of benefits, including additional recognition, support services, and specialist guidance. AIA’s extensive support services are tailored to help small and medium-sized practices work, evolve, and grow. Members in Practice, like Shabir, have access to comprehensive resources to ensure the success of their operations while adhering to all necessary regulations.

The dual recognition highlights Euro Accounting’s consistent dedication to excellence and success, with Shabir’s leadership having propelled the firm to the forefront of the business community. Under the guidance of the AIA, the firm remains a beacon of success, embodying the spirit of innovation, leadership, and excellence that defines the dynamic landscape of the UK’s business community.

Well done to Shabir and Euro Accounting on this remarkable achievement, and AIA looks forward to witnessing further milestones on their journey of excellence.