IT Support & Websites

IT Support

Euro Accounting Ltd are able to provide IT Support Services, below are a few services we offer:
Day to day IT Support
We are available for any issues you encounter during day to day business whether it be e-mails not working, files not opening or unable or printing documents as a few examples.
Computer Maintenance
Do you find your desktop computer to be filled with annoying pop-ups, error messages and find your computer takes ages to start up? We can resolve and troubleshoot all errors you encounter to ensure your computer is working as it should.
Virus Removal
Are you finding your PC to give you warnings, errors or its just not working as it should with pop-ups? We are able to remove and clean your computer. We are also able to provide Antivirus Protection to secure your business and ensure your business is not under threat.
Server Support
Do you run your own Server in your office and require administration and assistance when it comes to maintaining and also keeping it protected? We are able to assist with server monitoring, backups, creating extra users and ensuring your Server is running correctly.
Backup Services
We are able to provide backup services to keep your computers backed up by using Cloud Based Backup technology. We are able to backup all your important files and program data such as Sage.

Website Design & Development

Euro Accounting Ltd are able to provide Website Services, below are a few services we offer:
Complete Website Design and Hosting Solution
We build all types of websites including informational and E-commerce Online Shops. Our hosting package is then tailored to meet your needs which provide you with reliable secure servers that keep your website up and running with an email solution.
Domains and Email
You have the option to choose your own website name to allow people to find you, we can provide all types of domain names.

Our email solution will allow you to create email addresses for you to use with your chosen domain name.
Our support is continuous and reliable, ensuring your website and emails are always available.
The websites we make are compatible with all major platforms and devices. Our websites we create are mobile-friendly and responsive; meaning that it will be viewable on all mobile phones and tablets in an 'App' style layout.
Website Backup
Websites we create and host are backed up regularly to ensure your website is protected and secure.