With Vincent Caure, MP

With the Lord Mayor of Birmingham

With the Minister of State at the Department of Business and Trade, Nigel Huddelston MP

With Angus Brendan Macneil MP in Scotland

With Douglas Chapman MP

With Francis Joyon, fastest world solo yachtsman and who held the record for the fastest single-handed sailing from 2008 to 2016. Met on his trimaran on his return from the “Tea Route” after he had beaten another world record.

“Garden Party du 14 juillet à l’Ambassade de France a Londres en presence de l’Ambassadeur et du Premier Ministre Boris Johnson”.

“Conférence sur le brexit organisée à Paris par Business France, en presence de l’Ambassadeur de France à Londres”.

“Présentation du bilan annuel de l’association Parapluie Flam, avec le sénateur Louis Duvernois et le sénateur Olivier Cadic”.

Herve Morin, former Defence Minister

Jean Pierre Jouyet, French Ambassador in London

Xavier Bertand, former Health minister

Theresa May, Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom

Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer

Alexandre Holroyd, MP

Senator Joelle Garriaud-Maylam

Olivier Cadic, senator and Alexandre Holroyd, MP

Olivier Cadic, senator

With Lord Bilmoria, member de House of Lords, Chairman of the University of Birmingham and founder of Cobra beer

Gurjit Jagpal, managing director of Goldman Sachs Birmingham

Recognition by Goldman Sach of the achievement of Euro Accounting