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If you are a business wanting to have a company incorporation, set up or grow a business - speak to us about your strategy and how to operate within the rules, the practicalities involved and the ongoing management of your company finances abroad.

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  • Jérome Lemaire (Start-up - Leader Travel International Ltd)
    I wanted to set up my company in the UK and I contacted Euro Accounting, on the recommendation of a friend. Not living in the UK and not knowing the local customs and habits, I asked Euro Accounting to help me to choose the type of company for my field of activity. The director was very available and helped me to understand all the tax, legal and accounting aspects related to the creation of the company. He answered my emails and WhatsApp very quickly.
    Jérome Lemaire (Start-up - Leader Travel International Ltd)
  • Charles Dixon (International Income Tax Return)
    Very efficient service with competent and available staff. Euro Accounting helped me to regularize my tax situation with the UK tax authorities, by declaring my French income for the last 6 years (which I had failed to declare to HMRC).
    Charles Dixon (International Income Tax Return)
  • Nadjib Damerdji, NEoT Capital
    It has been almost one year that we are working with Euro Accounting and we are very happy for the services proposed by the company. Shabir and his team are very professional. The teams are well structured and are always available to bring you the best service. We highly recommend Euro Accounting.
    Nadjib Damerdji, NEoT Capital
  • Technology and Strategy (1250 employees - 115 Million revenues
    We are very satisfied with our collaboration with Euro Accounting LTD. It is a real partner who has been able to accompany us in our installation in the UK. They have greatly helped us with our salary policy by advising us on the different options for the payment of benefits in kind (car/life insurance etc). They prepare our monthly management accounts, payroll, VAT, balance sheet and tax returns.
    Technology and Strategy (1250 employees - 115 Million revenues
  • It is now several years that we call on the services of Euro Accounting Ltd. They have been able to listen to us , and we have always provided a high quality work. They also always respected their commitments and deadlines. We recommend Euro Accounting Ltd to all companies and individuals who wish to work with trusted partners offering a wide range of services.

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About Us ?

We are expert, multi-lingual accountants and business advisors helping British and French companies to establish, manage and grow their multi-national operations on either side of The Channel.

Shabir Djakiodine is our expert. He has worked in chartered accountant practices in Paris, London and Geneva (with Deloitte) and had a wide portfolio of clients. He is also Certified Public Accountant.

Shabir has been a Senior Internal Auditor Europe and worked for Swiss and US multinational companies where audits were conducted for various companies in Europe (Germany, Scandinavia, Slovakia, Austria, France, UK, Italy etc), South, Central and North America, Middle East, Africa (West, South, and East), Russia, Dubai etc.

The internal audit included a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, aerospace, medical and services. Shabir also has hands-on experience in Sarbanes-Oxley implementation such as conducting internal training, reviews of control documentation, walk-throughs and tests of management controls.

At Euro Accounting we support our clients during the creation of their company with a global handling of all administrative formalities.
We then carry out the bookkeeping, the presentation of the annual balance sheets, the management accounts, the consolidation, the registration for the payroll, the preparation of the pay slips and the social procedures.

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I founded the association Fossa International in Madagascar.

Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world. 75% of it’s population live below the poverty line with chronic malnutrition affecting half of all children under 5.

With my roots in Madagascar I felt I needed to help in whatever way I could.

Born of this was our mission to raise money to help Orphanages and Schools in Madagascar, all of which will be for the children’s use and not to pay salaries and admin costs associated with larger charities.

I am currently in Madagascar and have been contacting various schools and Orphanages. With the money we have raised so far, my family and I have bought and distributed essential items such as food, clothing, books, toys and other items they have a need for, rather than donating the money directly to them.

To raise money to support the charity over the next 2 months.

if you too would like to help this cause go to :