Virtual Office

What is the benefit from a virtual office?

If you run your business from home, you might not need to occupy a physical office if you activity doesn’t require one.

However, virtual offices provide every business a professional appearance and other assets:

  • You could benefit from providing a professional address to your clients instead of you home address and professional call answering services.
  • A virtual office is also an important cost-saver: no energy bills and tax to pay.
  • A virtual office is also an important time-saver: you will gain a professional image for your business while focusing on activities which make money.
  • You can decide where you want your company to be settled and choose the location which can turn out to be a key asset for you business strategy.
  • Flexibility for your company: it gives you time to adapt and decide a strategy in an uncertain and fast-moving economic market.
Mail Forwarding
Incoming mail will be forwarded to your current location wherever you are which will enable you to focus on your activity instead of collecting items in person.

  • Flexible timescales: You choose the period of the service
  • Any location: Whether it is in the UK or abroad, you decide where your post is direct to
  • Short and long term service: You can stop and renew the service easily
Telephone answering service
Euro Accounting Ltd provides several telephone answering services to suit your company size from small companies and entrepreneurs to multinational firms.

Our high-qualified team will answer calls in your company’s name and direct the calls to the most suitable contact in your company.