Property Research

Euro Accounting Ltd also provides a property research service. We can provide a wide range of properties in London thanks to the professional network we have built over the years. Our knowledge enables us to offer unrivaled data to our clients. Our team is willing to meet your needs and fit your expectations in order to find residential and commercial properties.

Our team is locally integrated and covers the real estate and market trends in London. Through having easy access to local economic and property market conditions we provide our clients professional support and real estate decisions.
You want to
  • Sell or rent a property, a flat, a house, in Central London and in the best condition that the property market offers.
  • Find an office space that fits with your business’ needs and well located in Central London.
However you:
  • Don’t have time to complete every process for your property research and you can’t go to the several required visits to real estate agencies.
  • Are a student and you need advice and someone to help you to find a decent and a fair price property-sharing. Assistance would be a great asset for you to find a property adapted to your needs.
  • Are fed up with visiting properties that don’t match your needs and expectations.
  • Are not living in London at the moment but have many questions about the property market, the town, the transports and more.
  • Are a current expatriate in London with our without your family and need to settle down quickly so you can focus on your main activity.
We offer:
  • To be your own unique and reliable partner and find the property you need.
  • To define with you all the criteria that the property should include: price, location, number of rooms, garden, transports.
  • To visit the properties for you if you are not currently in London and provide you pictures and details so you can make a choice.