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January 4, 2024
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March 19, 2024

Euro Accounting: An Overview


Euro-Accounting, under the leadership of Shabir Djakiodine, is a highly esteemed accounting firm in France. Renowned for its diverse range of services catering to entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as multinational corporations, the accounting firm currently operates in Dubai, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Ireland. Operating throughout Europe and beyond through strategic partnerships, our firm excels in accounting, social, and fiscal matters.


The company and its director, Shabir Djakiodine, are regularly recognized at both national and regional levels, having received prestigious awards multiple times. As a “multi-award-winning” accounting firm, Euro Accounting has been a finalist and winner on numerous occasions, enjoying a reputation for excellence in the field of accounting.


About Shabir Djakiodine


He has won several awards, including:

– Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 at the Birmingham Awards (regional level)

– Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year 2023, awarded by the Best Business Awards (national level)

– Businessman of the Year 2022 at the SME National Business Awards (national level)

– Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 awarded by CEO Review magazine


He has been a finalist for:

– Businessman of the Year 2024 at the SME National Business Awards (national level)

– Global Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards (national level)

– Businessman of the Year 2023 at the SME National Business Awards (national level)

– Businessman of the Year 2023 at the Birmingham Awards (regional level)


About the Firm


Euro Accounting has won:

– Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion 2023 with the Best Business Awards (national level)

– Best Accounting & Company Incorporation Service Provider 2023 with Midlands Enterprise Awards (regional level)

– Additionally, Euro Accounting has been a finalist in several categories, including:

– International Company of the Year 2023 at the Commonwealth Business Excellence Awards (Commonwealth level)

– Employer of the Year 2023 at the SME National Business Awards (national level)

– Diversity and Inclusion 2023 with the Federation of Small Businesses (national level)

– Company of the Year 2022 at the SME National Business Awards (national level)

– Tax Team of the Year 2022 at Accounting Excellence (national level)

– Employer of the Year 2022 at the SME National Business Awards (national level)

– Best Business Culture Organization 2022 with Business Culture Awards (national level)

– Best International Business Culture Organization 2021 with Business Culture Awards (national level)


Introduction: What is an Accountant?


In the field of corporate finance, accountants play a crucial role in managing financial data. Their responsibilities include collecting, analyzing, and interpreting vital financial information to produce accurate reports. Moreover, accountants significantly contribute to strategic financial decisions. They may also be involved in closing operations, formulating tax declarations, and exploring analytical accounting. Accountants adapt to various roles and company sizes, closely collaborating with different departments, leveraging their versatile skills and specialized software to address various operational and financial needs.


Different Types of Accountants in France


The realm of accountants is diverse, comprising a variety of professionals, each with specific responsibilities and expertise. The differences between types of accountants lie in their fundamental principles and distinct objectives.


The General or Financial Accountant in France


The primary responsibility of the general accountant is to maintain chronological financial records of a company, providing a detailed overview of its activities. This facilitates the evaluation of the financial health and value of the entity’s assets, producing key accounting documents. These documents play a crucial role in financial communication, effectively conveying the company’s financial situation to investors, suppliers, banks, customers, and tax authorities.


The Cash Accountant in France


The cash accountant focuses exclusively on financial flows, recording each inflow and outflow of money from the company. Their role involves making accounting entries for all recorded receipts and disbursements. This type of accountant works in individual businesses subject to the non-commercial profits regime (BNC). They are also found in certain businesses under the industrial and commercial profits regime (BIC) and non-profit associations.


The Commitment Accountant in France


The commitment accountant records receivables and liabilities when the commitment is made, not just when payment is made. They also conduct frequent bank reconciliations to ensure consistency between financial flows and commitment accounting records.


The Budget Accountant in France


The role of the budget accountant is generally discretionary and is mostly found in large companies. Their responsibility is to formulate budgets for the coming years, focusing exclusively on approved budgetary expenditures and revenues for a specific accounting period.


Public Accountant in France


The public accountant operates within local authorities and public administrations. They rely on the general accounting plan and their role consists of establishing the public budget after communicating their commitments. They then verify if the planned expenses correspond to the budgeted amounts.


Analytical or Management Accountant in France


The analytical accountant provides a comprehensive perspective on a company’s financial foundations. For instance, they handle profitability assessment at different levels, such as a product, a specific activity, a project, or a company facility. They facilitate the identification of potential optimization sources and enable strategy adjustments throughout the year. By using accounting software, they highlight key performance indicators to enhance financial insights.


Why Choose Euro-Accounting as Your Accountant in France?


After this introduction to the accountant’s role, only one question remains: which accounting firm in France stands out? Isn’t it obvious? Of course, it’s Euro-Accounting! Our accounting firm in France is ready to serve you!


In the following, we outline all the advantages that make Euro-Accounting your preferred accounting firm in France.


Mastery of French Taxation


At Euro-Accounting, we possess in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of French tax law. Our accounting firm in France guarantees you high-quality service tailored to the unique requirements of the French tax system.


An important aspect of our expertise is the redistribution of social security contributions, a component of the French social security system. We handle all categories of contributions, regardless of their burden (employer, employee, self-employed, or unemployed).


A comprehensive understanding of all taxes is necessary for accounting in euros, including income tax, value-added tax (VAT), real estate wealth tax (IFI), general social contribution (CSG), internal consumption tax on energy products (TICPE), repayment of social debt (CRDS), property tax, and business property contribution (CFE). We also cover the Contribution on Business Value Added (CVAE).


Our goal is to help our clients comply with their legal obligations and optimize their financial situation. We are here to support you throughout your financial journey, allowing you to focus seriously on growing your business.


We assist our clients in all their tax procedures, from individual income tax returns to corporate tax management, and we provide tailored advice to non-residents and expatriates.


Linguistic Versatility


Our linguistic versatility is a major asset for our accounting firm in France. Twelve languages, including Hindi, Arabic, French, Spanish, and English, are fluently spoken by our staff. This allows us to communicate more easily with our clients abroad, reducing misunderstandings and making exchanges smoother.


High-Quality Services


Our accounting firm in France will be more than happy to offer you high-quality services and added value. Indeed, every company has its own needs, and we strive to respond appropriately to these needs, ensuring personalized offers.


Choosing our French accounting firm means choosing a reliable partner dedicated to your success.


We also place great importance on our interactions with our clients. We establish open lines of communication to ensure that you are always informed. Ultimately, we aim to help you grow your business and improve your tax and accounting management.


Services offered by our French accounting firm


Our knowledge and skills in taxation and accounting are significant advantages. We also offer a comprehensive range of services, including opening bank accounts, payroll processing, international taxation, consolidation, internal audit, company formation, accounting, balance sheet preparation, intra-community VAT, and business planning.


Opening a bank account


We recognize the importance of a bank account for your business. To open a bank account, we offer assistance in finding a suitable bank.


Furthermore, we will help you gather the necessary documents and understand the specifications. With our in-depth knowledge of the banking sector, we can recommend the best banks for you. Opening a bank account can be challenging, especially for foreign business owners. Our team of professionals is available to assist you, step by step.


We take your needs into account and streamline the process of opening a business account. Although we cannot open the account for you, we can help you understand the French banking system.


International taxation


The field of international taxation is complex and dynamic. Our accountant in France has the expertise to assist you with your foreign tax obligations.


You can have peace of mind when you entrust your international tax matters to Euro-Accounting. We ensure that your tax obligations are meticulously met. To learn more about our international tax management services, please contact us.


Our accountant advises you on best practices and applicable international tax laws. We can assist you in declaring your income and expenses abroad, as well as understanding tax credit and double taxation avoidance procedures.


Consolidation for group companies


Group companies, whether they hold subsidiaries or stakes in other companies, must go through the consolidation process. We provide you with our knowledge and experience to help you create consolidated financial statements in accordance with international accounting standards.


With Euro-Accounting, you can create consolidated financial statements, such as the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement, with the assistance of our accountant. Given the nature of the links between your various entities, we will also advise you on the consolidation techniques to use.


Consolidating the accounts of different entities provides an overall picture of the group’s financial situation. This often complex task requires expertise and a deep understanding of the unique characteristics of each entity, as well as relevant consolidation rules.


Internal Audit


The independent and vital activity of internal audit enables an organization to ensure the level of control over its operations. Additionally, this activity is essential for receiving advice on how to improve. Euro-Accounting’s internal audit services, tailored to all types of businesses, focus on crucial areas such as internal audit and fraud.


First, internal audit…


We handle cash management and ensure that regulations are followed. You can rely on Euro-Accounting to provide you with high-quality internal audit. This will certainly enhance the performance and operations of your business.


Lastly, regarding fraud…


We develop prevention plans and conduct financial investigations in the field of fraud. We also assess damages and address issues related to corruption.


Creating a company with our accounting firm


Our firm assists you throughout the process of creating your business. Our fast service simplifies your business launch in France, and we guide you in choosing the appropriate legal structure.

Creating a business requires careful preparation. Important decisions need to be made, which is where our role as professionals comes in. This is especially true for drafting the company’s articles of association.

Depending on your project, the number of partners, and the capital, the status of your company varies. We, as accountants or lawyers, can help you make an informed decision. We quickly understand the legal form suitable for your business.

There are several forms of French companies. SARL and EURL are common in family businesses and SMEs. The EIRL, more recent, combines the advantages of a sole proprietorship and an EURL. SAS and SASU are also common. They are useful if you plan to distribute dividends.

The SA is for significant projects. For an SA, at least 2 shareholders and €37,000 in share capital are required. The sole proprietorship is the easiest to manage. It is preferable for high-risk activities. The SNC, rarely used in France, imposes heavy responsibility on each partner.


Accounting: Accountant in France


Our accounting firm in France assists you by handling administrative tasks. This allows you to focus on managing your business.

Accounting, auditing, and financial supervision are among the services offered. These cover a wide range of accounting entries, including loans, salaries, VAT, sales, and purchases. In addition to budgetary and analytical accounting services, such as preparing income statements and balance sheets, they also handle primary accounts, such as supplier and customer accounts. Furthermore, they assist in decision-making by analyzing financial data and offering insights beyond legal compliance.


Financial Statements


We will prepare the annual report and interim reports if necessary to provide regular updates on your financial situation. Choose Euro-Accounting for peace of mind, experienced staff, and personalized support.


Payroll Preparation


Payroll management is complex. At Euro-Accounting, we offer personalized payroll preparation services. Indeed, we can provide you with the peace of mind you need to meet this obligation.

In accordance with current laws, our accounting firm will help you calculate salaries, social security contributions, and other deductions.

We also prepare pay slips. By entrusting payroll preparation to our accountant in France, you benefit from the assistance of an expert who ensures compliance with the law and worker satisfaction.


Intracommunity VAT


At Euro-Accounting, we understand the crucial importance of intracommunity VAT for companies conducting transactions within the European Union. Our experts ensure full compliance with tax regulations related to these transactions.

Managing intracommunity VAT requires precise knowledge of applicable VAT rates and reporting procedures. We identify relevant transactions, verify invoice compliance, assist in completing VAT returns, and meet deadlines.

Choosing Euro-Accounting for intracommunity VAT management means opting for peace of mind. Our experts ensure strict monitoring of your tax obligations. Contact us to learn more about our intracommunity VAT-related services.


Business Plan


Our accountant in France works closely with you to understand your goals, challenges, and vision. We review your business operations, marketing, and financial aspects to develop a customized plan. We also help you identify market opportunities and assess risks.

A solid business plan inspires confidence in potential partners and investors. It also facilitates loan applications and decision-making. You can trust our accountant in France to create your business plan.


Due Diligence


Assistance with due diligence specific to your business and transaction details is part of our offering. We assist you at every step so you can conclude your transactions with confidence and comfort.

Our accounting firm in France, expert in law, finance, and accounting, provides due diligence services that ensure the integrity and security of your transactions. To identify risks and help you make the best decisions, our expert meticulously evaluates all aspects of the transaction.


The General Chart of Accounts in France


The General Chart of Accounts (GCA) in France is established by the French Accounting Standards Authority (ANC) under regulation no. 2014-03. It serves as a critical regulatory framework for accounting standards. It describes the accounting rules applicable to French companies. Indeed, it describes how they present their financial statements, balance sheets, income statements, reports, and accompanying notes. The GCA ensures consistency in financial statement presentation, thereby facilitating the comparison of financial performance across various entities. It is an essential reference point for accounting professionals, companies, and auditors. Thus, it plays a crucial role in improving the transparency and reliability of financial information. The ongoing evolution of the GCA makes it an indispensable tool to ensure the quality of accounting practice in France.


The Chart of Accounts in France


The chart of accounts in France is developed quite detailedly to facilitate recording operations in accordance with accounting standards. Operations are classified into 8 classes of accounts.


  • Class 1: Capital accounts, including equity and other equity items. It also includes loans and similar debts.
  • Class 2: Fixed asset accounts encompass intangible assets, tangible assets, financial assets. These accounts also include depreciation and provisions related to these assets.
  • Class 3: The class includes inventory and work in progress accounts as well as raw materials.
  • Class 4: Third-party accounts that include receivables and liabilities related to non-exclusively financial operations made in the short term. Class 4 also includes adjustments for expenses and revenues.
  • Class 5: Financial accounts record cash flows, transactions by cash, checks, coupons. They also record transactions carried out in collaboration with financial intermediaries, including investment securities.
  • Class 6: Expense accounts associated with the entity’s normal and regular operations and financial gestation. It also includes expenses associated with the entity’s exceptional operations and employee profit-sharing and income taxes.
  • Class 7: It includes accounts dedicated to recording revenues by nature, also including those related to previous financial years. These revenues are associated with the entity’s normal and regular operations and financial management. They are also associated with its exceptional operations and transfers of charges.
  • Class 8: Class 8 includes special accounts.


In conclusion, choosing Euro-Accounting, a recognized accounting firm in France, has many advantages. Our multilingualism complements our expertise in French and international tax law, ensuring smooth communication by a multilingual and qualified workforce.


Our commitment to value and quality sets us apart from our competitors. Our deep understanding of Swiss tax law ensures both strategic tax minimization and compliance with legal requirements.

To learn more about our wide range of services and how Euro-Accounting can help you succeed, feel free to contact us.

We look forward to collaborating with you and helping you achieve your goals.

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